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Integrity — a connected knowledge graph of scholarly and scientific publishing information

Updated: Jul 30

For the last year, a small global team of technologists, data scientists and domain experts have created and refined a connected knowledge graph of scholarly and scientific publishing information. We call it Integrity.

Integrity brings the metadata of peer-reviewed, published work -- the authors, institutes, funders, keywords and more -- into an accessible, multilayered and searchable format. Integrity works by building tens of millions of relationships among these multiple points of search and discovery. We want it to be a powerful tool for researchers, publishers, funders and institutions, especially those seeking a reputable resource for Open Access data.  We started Integrity in a pre-pandemic world. So along with our other projects, we've been working on a dashboard that brings together millions of Covid-19-related datapoints from published articles, and adding Covid-recognised symptoms and keywords such as ansonia, PIMS-TS and ACE2. The Covid dashboard is currently in Alpha; we'll soon distribute it as a public service. And we'll keep you posted on the progress of other Integrity projects too.

We're excited to share with you what Integrity can do.

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